Who We Are

EverydayChurch is made up of all kinds of EverydayPeople. We are people from all walks of life and all kinds of backgrounds. Some of us were 'raised in church'. Others only recently began a relationship with Jesus. Some of us have a 'past' (as in a dark past). Others have never told a lie (Ok, that's probably not true) but you know what we mean. Truth is, we don't have it all together and we're trying to figure out life, just like everyone else.


But we found something here. We found faith, hope, acceptance, healing, and a second (or 100th) chance. We found a place where we can ask questions along the way. A place where we can be ourselves. But most of all, we found a place where we can connect with God in a real way. If you’re searching for something more out of life you've come to the right spot. Because around here it's more than just a slogan,  EverydayChurch really is  'a place for EverydayPeople'.

Our Mission


To lead EverydayPeople into a growing relatoinship with Jesus

Core Values


We believe 'it's ok to not be ok'. We want to be a church where people can take their masks off and be real. A church that prioritizes honesty and leads with integrity. 


We believe that God wants to speak to us throughout the week and not just during our Sunday gatherings. That God wants to direct our everyday  lives. We desire to be Spirit-led in everything we do. 


We believe generosity is important to God, so it's important to us. We want to be extravagantly generous in every aspect of our lives, not just with our money. 


We believe life is better together. We can endure almost anything if we don't have to do it alone. Community lessens the load on our shoulders during tough times and multiplies our joy during good times. 

Our Team

Randy & Katie Robinson

Lead Pastors


David & Heather McGregor

Associate Pastors

(Outreach/Guest Experience)

Our Beliefs